Experience the best of dog friendly cottage rentals in proximity to the beach at La Bourdonnerie, your ideal holiday destination. Nestled in the idyllic landscapes of Vesly, Normandy, our cottages offer unparalleled comfort and convenience for all dog-lovers and their furry friends.

Dog Friendly Cottage Rentals in Proximity to the Beach

Our self-catering holiday cottages are set within the tranquil grounds of a 300-year-old farm. They have been converted from original stone barns and the cider press, retaining their unique charm and character. The cottages are situated within extensive landscaped grounds, encompassing a traditional Norman courtyard complete with flower beds, seating, and a gently flowing stream.

dog friendly cottage rentals in proximity to the beach

Just a short 10-minute drive away, you’ll find the nearest white sandy beach. Most beaches on the Cotentin Peninsula are dog-friendly, making them perfect for long, refreshing walks with your furry friend. Our convenient location also enables easy access to local market towns, nature reserves, and historical sites.

  1. Lawn tennis court for sports enthusiasts.
  2. Outdoor heated swimming pool for relaxation.
  3. Large playing field ideal for children and exercising dogs.

Our dog friendly cottage rentals are not just about accommodation; they also provide a variety of recreational activities. From the lawn tennis court for sports enthusiasts to the outdoor heated swimming pool for those seeking relaxation, there’s something for everyone. The spacious playing field, complete with trampoline and swings, is perfect for children to play and for exercising your dogs.

Given our location within the Cotentin & Bessin Nature Reserves and close to historical sites like Le Mont Saint Michael and the Normandy Landing Beaches, our cottages make for the perfect base for nature, history, culture, gastronomy, and sports exploration.

To sum up, our dog friendly cottage rentals in proximity to the beach offer a unique holiday experience, combining accommodation, recreation, and exploration. So, if you are seeking the perfect holiday destination that caters to both you and your four-legged friend, look no further than La Bourdonnerie.