The Owners


We are Jenefer & Dave Smith, and as the owners of La Bourdonnerie we're here to make your stay in N extra special. After living in London for a long time, in 2010 we decided to move to Normandy and after months of searching finally found the perfect location to launch a business. We're both fans of fresh air, peace & quiet and open spaces, which meant when we found La Bourdonnerie, we knew immediately this was 'the one'. We live here all year round in the main 'farmhouse', and so we're always available should you need our help or advice.

In addition to our native English, we both speak excellent French and Dave also speaks German (in case the need takes you!), so should you for any reason need help interpreting something, you can just give us a call and pass the phone over (although it should be said that most people do manage to get by with lots of gesturing!). We're also on hand in the event of any emergencies, be that sorting flat car tires to trips to the vets.

In the few years we've been here we've done a lot of the tourist attractions, eaten in most of the restaurants and walked the majority of the beaches, so please do ask for tips and advice if you feel the need. We're here to help, and look forward to meeting you at La Bourdonnerie. [:en]

The owner


We are Jenefer and Dave Smith and the happy owners of the holiday farm “La Bourdonnerie”. After living in London for a long time, we decided to move to Normandy in 2010. We longed for a quiet, scenic environment and of course wanted country air. We live here all year round in the main house of the farm and are always on site so that we can ensure that you have a relaxing holiday from the first minute.

Dave speaks German very well and we both speak French and English. So if you ever get stuck linguistically during your stay, you can call us at any time and we will help you by interpreting a bit (although most guests get along very well!).

Our aim is to ensure that you make the most of your holiday and have a wonderful time. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in any way. We know the area very well, know what's going on when, where to eat, etc. We're always happy to provide tips and advice.[:nl]

The peculiarities


Wij zijn Jenefer & Dave Smith, and as owners of La Bourdonnerie zijn we will be in Normandy extra bijzonder te maken. We've been living in London for a long time, and in 2010 we arrived in Normandy to make it possible to get to the right place and start with the perfect location. We are all fans of frisse air, pais en vree en open ruimtes, and we know on middellijk that La Bourdonnerie datgene was waar we naar op zoek waren. We wonnennen here hele jaar door in the large 'borderijhuis' and zijn dus altijd beschikbaar als u hulp of advices nodig heeft.

Next to the angels we both spoke, Frans and Dave, also spoke in German (we didn't like it!), but we also had to talk and hulp in a loud voice, so we had to bark on the telephone in the door The most people he met were born very well!). We are also in the building and would like to have a new home, of which we now have access to the help of a lekke band of our ritje to the dierenarts.

In a few years we've now had a lot of tourist attractions here, in the most restaurants and on the beach on the many beaches, you'll be able to get some advice and advice as soon as possible. We're here to help, and we're looking forward to seeing you at La Bourdonnerie.

The propriétaires

Nous sommes Jenefer and Dave Smith and nous sommes les heureux proprietaires de la Bourdonnerie. Nous sommes ici pour rendre votre séjour le plus agréable possible.

After a visit to London, we have a lovely little time, now we have decided in 2010 to have our installer in Normandy. After the month of research, our discoveries are ideal for starting our adventure. Nous adorons tous les deux l'air frais, la tranquillité and les grands espaces. Et nous avons vite compris en voyant la Bourdonnerie que c'était l'endroit parfait pour nous.
Nous habitons in the main house toute l'année et nous sommes toujours présents sur le site for répondre à vos questions et vous conseiller.

Nous sommes tous les deux d'origine Britannique mais nous parlons Français tous les deux couramment and Dave parle aussi Allemand.

After the summer installations, you can visit the tourist attractions of the region, go to the restaurants in Locaux and no summer holidays on the majority of the beaches of the Est and Ouest de la Péninsule. C'est pour ça qu'il ne faut pas hésiter à nous demander des conseils sur la région.

Nous avons hâte de vous accueillir à la Bourdonnerie.