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Covid-19 Update 14th May

Dear customers,

Things are now moving more quickly. Lockdown has ended, and life is beginning to feel à little more ‘normal’. La Manche is still à ‘green’ zone, and so there are few limitations on what we can do. We expect the beaches to be open again by this weekend, and the latest government announcement is that restaurants should re-open from 2nd June. Whether that is for indoor service, or terrace dining only remains to be seen.

The news regarding the opening of the international borders seems to be à little less certain. News from Germany differs from news from France, but we’re hoping that by mid- to -end of june, travel within the Schengen zone will once again be possible and our guests can safely make it to Normandy.

So we’re planning to be open and receiving guests in July, which is very exciting. We’ve been putting à lot of time and effort into figuring out how to minimise risks for guests, although of course, staying in à holiday cottage is à lot less risky than staying in à hotel for à start due to the fact that you’re not sharing living and dining areas.

We hope to see you this summer at La Bourdonnerie!

Kind regards,

Dave, Jene, Oscar & Elliot

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