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La Bourdonnerie 2017

Happy 2017!

Each year during the winter we work hard to improve La Bourdonnerie in some way. Last year we planned and started the outdoor heated swimming pool, the previous winter we were working on adding La Fontaine, our 4th holiday cottage. Every cottage gets a thorough spring clean each year, where everything is cleaned, checked and fixed ready for the next season.

Late in Autumn 2016 we started work on the grass tennis court, which should be finished and ready to play on in summer 2017. The ground has been levelled on the field, and we have sewn a special ‘wimbledon’ mix of grass seed on there. There’s still lots to be done: we need to buy a specialist lawnmower which cuts the grass to 8mm, and we have to put up fencing and nets etc, but it should be a lot of fun, if i can keep the rabbits and the moles away!

This winter the major improvement in the cottages is the beds. We’re putting a king size bed in La Lapiniere and La Vacherie, and we’re replacing the mattresses in all the gites. Getting the beds right is tricky, because individual guests preferences differ, but we’ve done our research and we’re confident you’ll get a great night sleep!

In early march work will begin again in the gardens. Sadly both Black and Decker died this winter, so we’re busy planning how we best replace them as they were great grass eaters as well as pets. We quite like the idea of dwarf goats, they’re a lot of fun and easier to handle.

We look forward to seeing you soon at La Bourdonnerie!

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