Welcome to La Bourdonnerie

Four beautiful holiday homes on a Norman farm. Dog friendly.

Four beautiful holiday homes

45000sqm plot

Heated pool

Tennis and ping pong

Cat, goats & chickens


Swing & Trampoline

Duck pond with fish

The holiday homes

Holiday home La Lapiniere

Holiday home La Vacherie

Holiday home La Fontaine

Holiday home Le Pressoir



Your private Normandy holiday home is located in a quiet, idyllic location on the holiday farm “La Bourdonnerie” - a 300-year-old farm on the Cotentin Peninsula in the northwest of Normandy, which has been completely renovated and rebuilt in recent years with a lot of work, patience and attention to detail.

The farm consists of the impressive farmhouse, four beautiful natural stone barns that have been converted into comfortable holiday homes (holiday home Le Pressoir, holiday home La Vacherie and holiday home La Fontaine), as well as our most luxurious holiday home - La Lapiniere. 

The 45.000 m² well-kept property includes the Norman courtyard with a stream, flower beds and seating, as well as other gardens, two ponds, an animal enclosure and a large play area: perfect for holidays in Normandy with dogs and children.

On the Cotentin Peninsula you are never far from the sea! Your private Normandy holiday home is located in the heart of the Cotentin and Bessin Natural Park (in the department of La the Channel) - only 11 km from the unique Atlantic coast of Normandy with its lonely, white sandy beaches (St. Germain, Pirou & Lindbergh Plage...) and original dune landscapes (Portbail, Havre de Lessay...). If you enjoy walking the dog on the beach, you should check out our Dogs on the Beach map in the Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy… most are dog friendly.

Your holiday home in Normandy from private La Bourdonnerie offers the discerning guest stylish, typical accommodation with charm and comfort in an environment that is equally suitable for holidaymakers who are interested in history and culture, love nature or those in need of relaxation. The pleasantly mild microclimate of the Cotentin Peninsula, the rural tranquility, the Norman hospitality and the beautiful landscape also contribute to an unforgettable holiday in Normandy!

Holiday home with dog in Normandy

Are you looking for a holiday home in Normandy with dogs? La Bourdonnerie is perfect for you. Each of our 4 holiday homes in Normandy is dog friendly, and most of our guests come with one or more dogs.

Why visit La Bourdonnerie with dogs?
We understand that dog owners also want a great vacation where they feel welcome. With this in mind, we have created a space that is great for dogs and their owners: every facility has a fenced garden, we have a large field specifically for “off-leash walks” and every house is professionally cleaned at the end. Also we are on a quiet farm with no busy roads around, it is completely safe for you and your dog.

Holiday home with fenced property
La Fontaine has the largest fenced area, with over 150 m² of yard fenced in front of the house, and all 4 holiday homes have a private, fenced garden. In any case the fence is over 1 meter high with a gate. In the holiday homes Le Pressoir and Lapinière the fence is 1,20 meters high. This means your dog can enjoy the fresh air with you without being on a leash all the time.

Private holiday home
Renting a private holiday home makes sense, especially if you are traveling with dogs. Your private holiday home will feel like home and you can use it as a good base to visit the region.

Holidays with dogs in Normandy
Normandy is a great place to vacation with your dog and that's why the region sees a lot of dog tourism. People come from all over Europe with their dogs and La Bourdonnerie is one of the best places to vacation in Normandy with your pets.

Dog friendly beaches
The entire Cotentin coast offers you beautiful sandy beaches, and many of them allow you to walk your dog even in summer. There are only a few “tourist beaches” with restrictions where dogs are not allowed at certain times or must be kept on a leash. But even in high season, we can show you remote places where the beaches invite you and your four-legged friend to take a stroll.

Dog-friendly restaurants
Your dog is also welcome in most restaurants on the Cotentin. However, you should definitely make a reservation and state that you are traveling with a dog. You will often be assigned a table on the edge. Sitting on the terrace with your dog is possible in almost all restaurants.

The vast majority of vacation days pass without incident, but sometimes a visit to the vet is necessary. Our local vet is amazing: multilingual, loves dogs and is a real expert. We have a good relationship with him and can arrange an appointment for you if necessary.

Normandy with dog experiences
What do guests who have visited us with dogs think? What were their experiences of Normandy? You can read more about them here.

Rent a private holiday home with a heated pool 
Looking for a private holiday home with a heated pool? We have a beautiful, heated outdoor swimming pool in our well-kept garden here in La Bourdonnerie. The swimming pool measures 10 x 5 meters, so it is long enough to swim short lengths. It is heated to 27 degrees Celsius between May and September. What better way to end the day than with a dip in the heated pool followed by relaxation on a lounge chair? Click here for more information about the pool.